89.9fm Nighttrain Promo - Aesop Rock

[whats up this is Aesop Rock for wkcr]

I traded my title as bent pedestrian for passenger status to coast muted
Finding the night train mildly therapeutic
Rugged hacker flashing mood full of swings
Beneath this puppet master pulling my strings
Leaking smoke rings singing [your despite what measured honestly
Syndicate sold to children building homes for my omnipotent platoons
Nah I don't think the blueprints drafted tilted in the tombs
Tampering hampered scampered well beyond the dooms
We bloomed? the matter down to those most beautifully discrete
Applying yesterdays models stand obsolete amongst colossals [amongst
Comply not to enforce us aborted claiming they came off
Sort of stabbed them with the capital 'A' that sets my name off
Sick of it all
Sick of the stalls
Sick of the thick brick in the wall sob stories the falls the tragic hate
Shaking like magic eight balls pausing to watch the vapors crawl
My clique heeds lessons I'll be noted from kids sisters paper dolls
We lining up along against these great walls
Circling analytical
Rhetorical inquiries yet x is not applicable kid
(Your flash minor we as orphans repeated)?
You talk the concrete examples with glass bottoms cause defeated kid I'm
Its flight of the intruder and we all fall down
Conditions of never blends science with religion
Cut my character cleansed in esoteric opulence
But finding no intrinsic merit in your sense
Well isn't that bewildering
Drunken distortion and spit the filter in
Mic sweltering measures like melting my rings together an you never
Seen I Aesop Rock flop for the love of eighty-nine point nine
I'm here to ride upon the night train

[yeah wkcr 89.9 . . . here for the night train . . . whats up to my man
apex, kinetic, dj ely, baz, my man dub el on productions, the mighty ger, my
man patrick, blockhead, mr roper, omega one, my man hates one, percy p
andre . . . stay up . .. its like that . . . its big aesop rock signing off
. .]

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