Flashflood - Aesop Rock

We'll have more news after this commercial word'

(As so it goes..)

'At least I think I
was here asleep...
Is it possible, conceiveable that I sleepwalked out of my apartment
went berzerk?'

In slipped rhythm
Fed a cycle bound by dilemma-debting vendetta
briefly back to my apartment
Parked in front the fan
And reminesce about the day I ran a mile
with your heart in my hand
'Tesants get the New York home game
With real life shoot-em-up
Thug, vagrant, yuppie, and art
Free game piece all included
I told this cat the earth
was flat
He walked till his beard grew long enough to strangle himself for being stupid
Spliced with that sixth pack odyssey
Godspeed Tequilla worm future, be concerned
feelings spread across the land reporting avalanche sightings
While my introverted side
is flying cadavers on kite strings
I'ma never give, I'm juiced off ejection
I'm stubborn
as a thousand born agains avoiding questions
From the alpha to the sand
I bake the date up
for my pledge
To 'bay the traitor in the twice-forgotten favors that he bled
Not a creature
stirred, it reaks of subway metal
Feather lecture journalist chin on fish shenanigans
mayhem with voices
Benefit to break room
Mummified manequins with future cleanse adamant
skeleton in cabinet
This a Malcom circus, got a ring of fire
Just big enough to shove my purpose
in a circle
I'm known to dip dusk in a broken city curfew
Release the hounds and see which one
can tractor trail and serve you S_CKA!
I lay the Lord down upon its belly
With my foot dug in
between the third and fourth disk
Yelling 'Break yo'self!'

I'm the actualized data commission
past penny tip jar donation
Been arranged, made by the farfetch from stability
Took a heart
pledge early on
Bled onto the drum doser
Plow in the metronome, home
Lone caddy corner to
cock-eyed sound booster
Sensation'll leave siesomgraph stabbin away on stone tablets
sketch up out your future
I drifted out the main spelunking unit with watered down sand
have canceled developed, courtesy America
Land of the free base
Home of the triplicate
grill character
My sorta sideways tilt called pinball blinker
It citizens wander through
ex-warrants steady bleed
With dilapadated winter jacket
I rock a crooked lid piece
A sweat
a bit to make my Wookie ends meet
Pascifist willing to step into a friend's beef if needed
clipper, I hierarch compassionate
Where they whine on some 'Daddy's gonna kill Ralphy'
S_cked the proverbial silver spoon to the parents quit apparently
Parasol spinnin
casually like 'I'm an artist, please don't laugh at me'
Ok, time to buckle the f**k down
of the wobbly system back to original form, pumpkin
You can catch the memoir in several dimensions
joy of life logic, don't employ the spite process
Hence, your plight botches

'I don't know
what got into me
I didn't even cause all that destruction
I'm sorry...so sorry'

This be the big
F-L-A-S-H-F-L-O-O-D, Flashflood

'Possible' 'Conceivable'
'Possible' 'Conceivable'
'Possible' 'Conceivable'
'Possible' 'Conceivable'

'That I sleepwalked out of my apartment and went berzerk?'

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