Sugarcoated - Aimee Mann

You looked the part of
The poor brave martyr
And guess who broke your heart
The way that they did
Sugarcoat it
When they wrote it
I would've believed it too (x 2)
I would believe it
I'm so relentless
And you're defenseless
Until the pencil stops
You'll be the one who's
Sugar coated
Do you believe it's true (x 2)
Do you believe it
And out of your mouth
Comes a stream of cliches
Now I have given you so much rope
You should have been hanging for days
But you keep spinning it out
Spinning it out (x 5)
It wasn't nice though
I came back twice so
Now I'm the antichrist
If I had been as
Sugar coated
They would've believed me too (x 2)
Would you believe me too
Would you believe it too

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