Bread And Blood - Air Supply

(Graham Russell)

I'm not afraid of losing you or saying goodbye
If someone needs you more than me, I will understand why
I'd never stand between someone who's holding your heart
But I can't let a superstition tear us apart
Who has the right to speak fire from above
If heaven is away from you, that is the place I'll give up
For falling in love can't be taking these lips from the cup

Don't fill her mind with bread and blood
Don't confuse strength with pride and mud
I have a faith in love that's thicker than all bread and blood

I'm not afraid to face the truth of what I believe
If love was never menat to choose, it could never succeed
And we may always stand alone in everyone's sight
And be the judge unto ourselves between wrong and right
Who puts a price on eternity's sin
Who throws the first stone shall search for perfection again
For you are the reason that pleasure was taken from the pain


I won't see you cry, should it make you cry


Eric Wincentsen

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