Swerve N Skid - AJ Tracey

Yo, listen
AJ from the l-l-l-lane
Look, look

Wait up, yep, ah
You thought that I missed the drop but I never
Big impact like Ross or Heather
Man mind out when I'm strapped with the leather
Told man already that we got the pumpy
Dump it, n_ggas'll fly like feather
Mandem think that I just turned bad
I was bad from when I chilled by Mo Better
Strap put man in a peak dilemma
Don't bell man off an unknown bredda
White and bold, 6 feet in the North Face
Gym shoes? Nah, I do not shot cheddar
You're not bad, bad yout? Never
West Indies strap hold bare pepper
True Religions and a Polish pistol
Skengman dance, I'm a real hotstepper
Flick me a draw, won't see that tenner
Beef me at night, won't see light ever
Walk in the Westwood and I'm too bait
So I told the babe she can hold my wetter
Told my babe she can have my pickney
Tings in her bra, feds can't shift me
Holding the food, dogs can't sniff me
Dirt moves happen a lot like Pixie
They wanna pitch me
I said "clash my team, are you tipsy?
When you man all sound like Mixy"
Must be a joke, no funny man trick me
Try touch Zuu or Ty or Jammz
Or LS or PK, I'll be stabbing
Axe man up on the road, no ramping
Two breh tackled, blacked out, no clamping
Run a man down, no hide or camping
That fake tool that you have's got blanks in
You won't pull it, there's no bullet
Only time you manna buss is wanking
Came blacked out to the dance, no smiley
I've got trees, bags of the miley
So it's all hot, heatwave like Wiley
But I need Ps so I've gotta get grimy
If you never knew that, you must be a dunce
No, it's not twice, tell a man once
If you ever try and f_ck around with the funds
Man would've thought that I speak in tongues
Speak in Thai, speak in Greek
Don't ever try come West on a beef
Cuh you will get laced with the shotgun teeth
I don't banter
Lick off the combo, shots'll catch ya
Man get hit with the Kuma's anger
Man get hit with a shot like Blanka
I'm doing numbers, AJ's something like a ruler
X is the shankers, Danny is the shooter
You man are bad behind a computer
Jay done said he s_cks food like hoover
Net for a peng ting and she said "eat me"
I told her "that's not me" like Junior
That's not me, Jamie Adenuga
Man turn dark like Jin and Kazuya
Bad girl sipping on gin and tonic
But me no wife bad gyal, that's horrid
Loose tings tryna get rings like Sonic
Threw me the narns, weren't really on it
You man are fake like Jake and Finn
You man are fake like Wallace and Gromit
If you saw what the rambo done to your bredrin
It would've made a big man go vomit
N_ggas all wanna come friend and bred man
Shell an MC off the mic like F that
Heard some sideman sitting in my ends
Said he watch my watch, let him know he's a dead man
You've got heart like man?
If you've got heart like man then trust me, I rate that
Phoned for two and got one, what a brave cat
Take man's trapsuit line, then I break that
I don't fight like hong kong phooey
Chicks dem give me mad head like Stewie
Brixton with DM, with X, I'm in Lewi
Cook beef overly burnt, not chewy
Man a done war
Call Mick for the clique, man a done talk
Thought she gon' wife man? Ah, what a dumb whore
Send man way off the ends like Scunthorpe
I'm not afraid, time to do what you come for
If you ain't levelling, what you gun for? Bang
Make man scatter when the gun roar
Drew bare man's wifeys I can't un-draw
Batter man, finish at a man when I turn raw
You got a bring-in
My team's never singing, the rap ringing
Straps stay shelling, I'm not swinging
You spin me? Must be pinging
Too much mandy, your draw's all swinging
Lick man down from a ting
Don't talk trash, don't get brave
Off the mic, you're a snot-nosed kid
I'll make any car swerve and skid
You n_ggas all broke, you worthless prick
Man count dough, we serve and flip
On the lane all night, tryna earn these chips
I'll make any car swerve and skid
You n_ggas all broke, you worthless prick
Man count dough, we serve and flip
On the lane all night, tryna earn these chips
AJ from the lane
Cuzzy, I earned that name
Cuh I stick to the strip in the snow or the rain
AJ on the top, AJ on the 'caine
Stack into a box like Blaine
Beg a man call my name
Scream MTP, if we're feeling brave
I'll catch man on his way home from a rave

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