Gangsta - Akon

(chorus)All yo niga's out der admittin 2 killin anuda niga u is a stupid mudaf_cker.
Now i aint putting nothing out,I smoke when I wonna
26-inch chrome spokes on the hummer
This heat gon last for the whole summer
Running your b_tch faster then the road runner
Rocks on my wrist,rolls gold under
Glocks on my hip,those throw thunder
Im buying diamonds by the pier
But when you stop,the only thing spinning is your ear
Yeah,Im riding with that all black snub
Raiders cap back,all black gloves
Im 80s man,but the boy smack thugs
these record sales???
Not to mention I bought a pack of clubs
His impacts about as raw as crack was
Now all these new artists getting raw deals
Im only 21,setting on mills
we on fire
up in here,its burning hot
we on fire
shell take it of if it get to hot,up in this spot
we on fire
tear the roof off this motherf_cker
n_gga what you say
we get lose in these motherf_cker
(wers 2)
if you now anyting about my,then you know im a baller
If i aint hit the first night,i aint gon call her
Im trying to play,you trying to have my daughter
But i cant blame her for what her momma taught her
And i dont care bout what the next n_gga bought her
Cause i aint putting no baguettes in her??
I got a diamond about as clear as water
And i got bread,but i aint spend quarters
So cut the games ma,lets go in the back
matter fackt,turn your ass round,back a n_gga down
And i aint bias when im riding throug the town
like em small,like em tall,like em black,like em brown
She gotta be able to cum when i need her
Tight ass pants,little wife beater
Regular chick or R&B diva
B_tch say something,I aint a mind reader.

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