Constellations - Alessi's Ark

You're very pretty, you know
You're very rare, you know
I'm very clumsy, you heard
But i'm a special kind of bird

You're lovely
Yes you are

You're very different, you know
You're very magical, you know
You'd melt me if I was snow
My heart, I'd have baby to sew
To sew

If your body is the sky
Then your freckles are the constellations

Your Mother loves you, you know
She loves you more than the moon
Your seperation won't be for long
But it will be coming for you, far too soon

She loves you, yes she does
She loves you, yes she does
Hell, I'm in love with you
And it's true
My branches they turn to you
Asking you, do you love me too?

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