Hummingbird - Alessi's Ark

You are set free
Flex your wings
And steal me away

He picked her last winter
As one pulls out a splinter
Red-eyed and tender
He needed a mender
She stuck around
Like a weed in the ground
Raising her voice when given a choice

Never once understood
Why he slept in a hood
Did he try to conceal
The love that he'd feel?
When she sang in her sleep
Or brushed past his sweet heels
He never was one for finishing meals

And when he felt he was right at her tether
He carried her down to the river
Told her blue is the colour of calm
And life is better when spent in her arms
So they made shapes with their limbs in the water
Imagined names they'd reserve for their daughter
Kaleidoscope pulse pounding palms on their backs
Darling breathe in
Hold it there, and relax

Much like a squid
As she sank in her dress
Reeds rip the frills
On her sweet Sunday Best
And tie latches onto old Goodness anchor
And he now regrets dressing smart and fancy like a banker

And as shells act as lids on their eyes
Algae like clouds does commence in it's rise
In clear blue spheres he is trying to pray
Hoping the dove, well she will not fly away

Clasp my hand tight
We will survive the night
And if the blue it drowns you
Well i'll be right behind you

You are set free
Flex your wings
And steal me away

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