The Asteroids Collide - Alessi's Ark

Your eye-lashes they act as cloaks
For your telescope eyes
Your eyes they point skywards
Transmitting mockingbird's call to the skies

With the shudder of your boots
Moon-dust reach the roots of the neighbourhood's favourite tree
Be friends with me

The Asteroids Collise
The feelings liquidise
You're safe
You're scared

The weight that you hail
Leaves cracks in the wall
You're safe
You're scared

You're enclosed and in love
Your little white dove
She flutters and mutter your name

According to accordian
Your outspoken loudspeaker shines
Hyacinths hypnotise
Your black hair is pushed back
Any colour or trace of the sun-ray's race
The television's flickering
the frequency you're giving off is a powerful thing

Tell me why does love fly in, fly out
When you're barely looking?
I was not looking

The anchor clanks
Your heart sank
Your body locks
Your ship it has docked
New life has found the island
And you're stuck
On the island

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