I Need You - Alicia Keys

You're too far away I wonder why I can't say I need you now
Walkin' around can't keep my feet on the ground
We used to hold hands but now you don't give a damn about me
Why can't you see?

I need you
I want you
I love you
I lost you
You broke me
Why can't you hold me now

You broke my heart all I do is
Scream real loud pick you up and throw you down
You broke my heart I don't know where to start but
Baby I need you baby I need you

Verse 2
I'm starting to read every night
I'm fallin asleep to make it right and not think about you baby
I say to myself this is goin' great
Who am I kidding
This is all fake
I start to think of all my needs and this is what I sing

(Repeat chorus)
Baby I need you

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