My Main Roni - Alicia Keys

(talking) My main gul ain't that some sh_t.
i ain't wit it
N_ggas ain't sh_t b_tches ain't either
all that falling in love and all that
it don't work it ain't never work
Adam and Eve couldn't even be tru to each other
so how you expect me and another shawty...
i ain't lying, i ain't lying

i ain't gon lie
i admit i just wanted to f_ck some
get cha, split cha,hit cha, and trick you to s_ck some
love ya and leave ya
like Tina and Rick James
but i fell for ya jazzy, classy and trick games
you in the processs, i'm just trying to get cha naked
not slip the bullet see and plus that you should be respected
never neglected
i gave you my all and all
i bought you jewelry, nails, hairdo's and all your draws
i called and called straight bug-a booin fa real
that's when i knew this never imagined love for you was trill
making love was like heaven right here on yo couch
beating and digging each morning (smoke don't stop)
my wife damn right and proud to say it
my lady, i can trust i done finally made it
my main thang, my shawty, my ole' lady
took conversation with my hommies dis ho crazy
dis hoe think we be going on trips and f_cking groupie hoes
and i be lying when i say i'm at the studio
listening to he said and she said so she went and cheated
she be giving me head and him too.
heard you be caking him and callling him boo
i want back my pink ice rings and Tim boots
and you can get back all this sh_t you bought me
you fooled me had me thinking you was my shawty,shawty

caught her f_cked up
can't say sh_t so keep ya trap shut
knowing ya wrong on my phone and i know when i tapped.

chorus-- you was my main roni
got all ya game from me but then you changed on me
i i i never would've thought that you was cheating on me
cuz you got game from me shiny diamond rings from me
but then you changed on me
i i i never would've thought that you was cheating on me
knew it was plain for me but now it's plain to see
you not tha dame for me
i i i never would've thought that you were cheating on me
cuz you put shame on me left me to hang roni
love'll never be the same for me
i i i never would've thought that you were cheating on me

yeah yeah yeah back in the day when i thought about us gurl
i thought about marriage me, you and new crib kids and a carriage
thought everthing was all good all gravy
you was my hope and i was yo bo grady
fa real i loveded you so much
my damn d_ck got hard thinking about yo touch
you were sweeter than candy
and had a p_ssy print that look like a midget man standin in ya panties
fine muthaf_cker thick thighs and bo leggs thought you was a queen
hell yeah i broke bread for slow sex and mo head than a asprin
lately huff'n puff'n bus'n nuts gaspin fa air grabbing ya hair
you booted over never reaching the bed legs spread on the sofa
gave you my time and money that's all i had
i ain't ask you for sh_t but you gave me crabs
yeah i heard you was f_ckin' and s_ckin' my boy dennis
(shawn let me explain) wait a minute let me finish
while i be at the job working bus'n my ass
you be sneaking and creeping the streets f_cking for cash
i can't believe this sh_t girl i loveded you
now i wish i wouldn't even f_ck with you
you can use the phone you better call tyrone
pack ya sh_t and be gone when i come back home

chorus 2x's
(ad libs)
never be tha same never be tha same yeah

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