Barbarella - Alisha's Attic


The feeling is growing
We have to keep up with the jones'
We have to keep up the demand
Because the supply is getting more
Will there be catastrophic circumstances
If the e-mail and dot comms capture the world
And cyberspace is a holiday place
And your best friend lives on mars

Do you remember
Glamour on sunset boulevard?
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
When ladies were ladies
And men were men
But now the future's taking over
We're out of control again

It's more like barbarella
It's not like the old 50's glamour

Coming out of the 90's
Everybody thinks we're getting wiser
'cos we're seeing 3-dimensional and
We're filling up wide open space
Interactive - the word of the moment
Laughs the old gentleman in the face
A generation we can never replace
Never never replace

We nearly hit the history books
And it starts all over again
Virtual reality isn't real
Virtual reality, yeah
Isn't real

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