Do I Lie? - Alisha's Attic


Well here we go again
You are telling me your stories
And i've heard them all before
About this girl and how you're friends
Nothing more
It's a typical scenario
You say i'm insecure
And you know just how to play this girl

And i wonder if i'll ever know the truth
Yeah, i wonder
Coz the devil is a gentleman

And he says
"hey babe, do i lie to you?
Hey babe, do i lie to you?
Coz if i say you're beautiful
It's like magic, you'll forget it all
It's like that babe
Do i lie to you?
Do i lie?"

Well here we are again
Have you checked your head today
Is your conscience living there?
Coz i know you and her are having it anyway
And i try and find your excuses kind of interesting
But it's the same old words
From the same old mouth again

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