Japanese Dream - Alisha's Attic


She works the nightshift
But she swears she only sees the sun
Dreams of going back some day
But she still gets the job done
She sees his face in every corner of her mind
Why did she have to fall so deep when she's left so far behind?

And she sleeps like a baby
In her japanese dream
And she flies like an angel
In her japanese dream

She writes him pages full of tear stained memories
It's so very hard for the girl when all she wants to do is
Get back to his arms
Oooh do you miss me like i miss you?

And she pines like a baby
For her japanese dream
And she waits patiently
For her japanese dream

If he asked her tomorrow
She would drop everything and marry him
All she thinks about is his slender body on her skin
So waits her one way ticket
To her japanese dream

It effects her every time i say that he's got a hold on her
She's gonna get him
Gonna get there
Gonna find him
If it's the last thing
Oh-oh she's been missing him
Driving herself insane
Count the miles on the map

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