Lazy Head - Alisha's Attic


I dream of it all right here
Your love is something i never fear
And the more i give away
The more i want
So show me you're a big strong man
Come on make a weak woman of me

Stay, baby, stay
Indulgence is good
Let's play a game
I dare you to dare me
Let's have no shame
Let's take a ride on an ocean wave
To the land of shut eye

Lay down
Lazy head
Sleep like fish on a seabed

Oh, i'm falling like rain again
In love with you man
It's like walking through a rainbow
Oh the further i go
The more i want

(i'm so high)
(you're so beautiful)

(we go deep, deep)
I don't want to wake up
I don't want to come down
Let's indulge in this love


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