Sweet Escape - Alisha's Attic


You want one thing
Me another
Call me everything under the sun
The sacrifice
(of all things heavenly)
(all things sweet)
(all things sugar)
(all things nice)

With a lethal aftertaste i
Swallow a name from hell and i
Wallow in the mud
(sweet angel)
Wallow in the mud

Your evil outweighs all your passion
And a shouting match between us
Leaves me breathing evil air
Evil air, yeah

And i phone the blue-eyed man coz he finds
This little lost girl every time and i
Am standing on the floor again

On a feather pillow i rest my weary head
Aaah, sweet escape!

I wake up
You put on the pressure
How many bricks can you carry on your back today?
And don't come that innocent child with me
It doesn't work

Well i'll play with the hard ball
It's the only way i want it
But i'm allowed to be who i want
Yeah there ain't no rules in this game!

Oh sweet escape
Sweet escape

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