Wish I Were You - Alisha's Attic


I wish i were you
I wish i could wear your shoes
Wish i could think from your brain
I wish i were you
Yes i do
I wish i were you

In seventies attire
You know the whole planet
And the whole planet knows you back
You flaunt your imperfections
You carry it off with a wave of confidence
The hair flicks
The aura spits
Out something sparkly
All this reflects a
Deliriously happy individual
Makes me sick to my stomach

Well i'm jealous
So quote me on that
I've got a temper
You're laid back
Do you feel safe with a woman who
Doesn't even know her politics
From her poloneck?

And you go with the flow
It fits you perfectly
As you make love on another
Lip-shaped settee
You're as cool as can be

Strange soul you are
I stand in wonder
You make your own rules
And use your own devices
You lay back
Easy to do
And i wish i were you


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