Love Leads Nowhere - All About Eve

Candles burn in the dead of night
Some b_tterfly ghosts draw closer to the flame
I hear their wings humming
Turn your back, now the arrows fly
When you fall to the floor, no one is there to see
I know the strangers are coming, i know
Love leads nowhere
Love leads nowhere ...

A day at the sea, low tide today
Just a glimmer of water miles and miles away
I know the dangers of running
Mermaid sings and you rush to her,
Mesmerised by nothing in her eyes
I know your reasons for rushing
I know the danger's running, i know
Love leads nowhere
Love leads nowhere
Blindfold, tied up, spinning round
See no hope so listen for a sound
We need a new direction
Signposts twist at wicked hands
In this confusion, nobody understands
We need a new direction, we need
We need love, leads, nowhere
Love, it leads, nowhere ...

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