I Ask Of You - Anastacia

Your love is like a gentle breeze upon a brand-new day
Your touch and what it does to me - like a flower needs its rain
We are like one of a kind, true love is hard to find
I can't go on another day
Just hear me when I say

* I ask of you, would you love me, if nothing else went right?
And I ask of you, would you hold me, forever in your life?
And don't let me fall, 'cause I can only give my all
Here I am
I ask of you

I found the place where I belong, it's right here next to you
And nothing else matters now, with all we've been through
I can't go on, tryin' to deny just what I feel inside
But now before I let go, you gotta let me know

[Repeat *]

Yes I do
I ask of you

I never really thought
(I never really thought)
That you'd be all to me
(That you'd be all that really matters to me)
I'd give everything and all I am to you
Oh baby, baby, I know you feel this way too

[Repeat *]

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