6'7 Freestyle Lyrics - Angel Haze

Shut up and let me talk
I said shut up and let me talk

I'm better than whoever motherf_cker
Better than whatever motherf_cker
Better than a better motherf_cker
That was better motherf_cker
Yeah I'm better than whoever
When I step up in this motherf_cker

This right here on behalf of the haters
I don't give a f_ck cause my act is the greatest
I put my foot into the ass of the greatest
And shred they ass like they passed through a grater

I pinch my teeth
I'm trying to hold back a mental beast
Straight jacket on my tongue
Brain in the facility
I'm like the motherf_cking stinger of a killer bee
All about my benjies, legs of a centipede
I'm sorry but I body every track
Make 'em stop and hold they breath like cardiac arrest
I slaughter 'em to death, I kill them f_cking b_tches
There's a lot of girls out there, a sea of f_cking fishes

Wordsmith, I ain't never gotta try hard
Be good to they ass like I are
My track record is a killer for a pop star
My AKA is "the best by far"

My life is a job, trying to stop me is an occupation
Beat 'em to a pulp, O.J., concentration
Never win if I'm who you trying to beat
Swear it'll be a blowout, like the sigh of relief

I kill n_ggas
Gone from the bottom of the dirt I be big real, n_ggas
Bit off the chain then I beat 'em with a whip
'Till I turn these hoes to feel, n_ggas

I swear to God you never get up on my level ho
Tell 'em kiss my ass and call it mono from a stereo

Came up from the bottom like a back with a hump
Always been the realest in the last of the bunch
Over everything like Shaq when he jump
Chew these little n_ggas like sticks of gum
Eat em with my mouth, straight Captain Crunch
If they don't say sh_t, ma ma ma

Verbally destructed, I'm spitting like it's a whirlwind
Outside of my box, I'm fitting to put the world in
You do not add up, don't think you can do the math, stupid
We are not the same, equal sign with a slash through it
Walk up in this spot, the hoes scream till they throat is gone
Like I'm not human, like I got two extra chromosomes
Pull up in that new sh_t, they get they Ford Focus on
All these kids follow me, I get my hocus pocus on
Don't know what to call me, super f_cking dope or something
I'm killing them n_ggas, I must be the sh_t they choking on
If they copy a style, I must be the one that they quoting from

Nestle bar flow, I get nutty when it's crunch time
Eat the best of everything like cutting in the lunch line
Beater ass b_tches know, they don't want the beef or nothing
Pull they eyes out they sockets, they don't gotta see me stunting
Whole f_cking wolf, I ain't posing like I'm a sheep or nothing
Hanging outside of their door, like a wreath or something
You bust shots, I got an army brigade
That put the heat to n_ggas chests like LeBron and Dwayne
N_ggas call me Haze Horus, there is only one eye
Getting closer to them pussies like the top of the tie
Spit from the bottom of shoes, it's entirely soul
And b_tch, I'm about to blow like "fire in the hole!"

Why don't they get it, I won't stop till I'm finished
Said I will not f_cking stop till I'm finished
I'm better than holding and won't you admit it
I'm over the bill like the top of the fitted
Get the f_ck out, I'm don't stop I'm not quitting
I'll murder this sh_t, have a job then let's quit it

Mind state overgrown, Scarface in the corporate zone
Put them in the batcave, I eat them till they're carbon bones
Nobody is f_cking with me like I'm in the world alone
Ain't nobody like me, Facebook is dead and gone
F_cking neck-breaker, make 'em turn until they head is gone
They worry 'bout them Edward Cullen, son they may be dead at dawn
Y'all n_ggas can't f_ck with me, I'm a f_cking monster
I'm a shot of Hitler, Guevara, mixed with some Josef Stalin
My girl come from America but she look like islands
My dude look like Tiger, but he think like Colin

Have you not got the time, motherf_cker stop playing
Money on my mind like it sits on my brain
You will lose so be on my team
If it hurts to be sick, I ignore my pain

Now tell 'em who be killing sh_t, I'm a get a copyright
I'm so f_cking good, I'd probably win in a cocky fight
You n_ggas can't copy right, you forgot to credit me
You n_ggas ain't picture perfect, you don't got no editing
They speak it and they let it be, yeah that's right they let it be
The line at the top is long, like the letter D
You f_ck with my money, I murder your mummy
And then I throw the twos up like the top of a bunny
Got the f_cking world jumping like the drop of a bungie
Then I snap and kill n_ggas, Crocodile Dundee
Nobody is scaring me, I'm the f_cking monster coming
After n_ggas running like a motherf_cking comma
Sh_t ain't pretty when I spit it but it's better than you ever looked
Giant to these b_tches, six foot seven foot

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