Altered Ego - Angel Haze

I've seen meadows become mountains of pride within me;
Witnessed the light within the darkness inside befriend the helpless soul that I've become
And even in my weakest phases
My darkest days are often brighter than the lightest rays you could feel me burnin' through the shade
But, I'm convinced that I ain't changed

My close friends say if you press rewind and look at Haze the person that I am now is not the same
I tell them when seasons change everything else has to fall in line, become aligned
I feel like I've lost my spine, I thought that conquering the minds of this troubled youth would get me through
But it seems as though I've forgotten me to get to you
When all you needed was the truth

There's often great trouble in contemplation
That tendency turns fascination into a permanence
One I hadn't been sure I was prepared for

But you never know what you're prepared for until you're standing within that time
And the only thoughts within your mind are "I wanna win. I don't ever wanna have to worry about making it here again, so I gotta be just like them."

Creating subcategories;
I don't fit within the persona that fits with them
I've become you
True in a sense, but, I lie all the more
And confidence is the key that unlocks every door
That way you'd never know I felt this; You'd never know I feel it
With my Spider-Man senses I can hang upon the ceiling and hold my head in shame
Look from whence I've came

My eyes are brightening the cave within the dark slow lives behind
There is emptiness where my fears reside
I am a queen and a Pharaoh
I am the villain and the hero
I am death and I am life
I am lows as well as highs
I am truths within the lies
I am a heroin and a zero
I am too, altered ego

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