Can't Be Friends - Angel Haze

Aggresssion, afliction, rejection, tradition... readin over text to see the messages I'm missing, you say it's commitment, I say it's the distance, you say if we quittin... let me know now,
I think I'm movin too fast, but you won't let me slow down, I try to spare you, and save you the heart ache, I say I'm scared... you say that's what they all say. that's what they all say, my backs to the wall haze, we coulda been a hit like a bat & a ball babe, ain't you ever heard chances are for riskin, if u brave enouqh to shoot, then who could fault you if you miss it. damn, but you ain't really different, duplicate messages cause you ain't really qet them, I don't even kno what the f_ck to say, but this pain will be forever if you never go away, so you better go away, get the f_ck up out my face, to you it's just a qame and my heart is not for play, I say my heart is not for play, but you don't hear me when I'm speaking to you, you know my story like I'm sittin here readin to you. So why the f_ck you got to play these lil stupid qames, you only care about your music and your stupid fame. oh that's angel haze, she a f_ckin beast, you never cared about "M" dot f_ckin "E" you said that it was okay to put my trust in you, you didn't say id feel betrayed by the stuff you do, you claim everything you say is the f_ckin truth, but it's not what you say it's what the f_ck you do, but you don't get it huh, it's the stuff you do, that got me wondering like... who the f_ck are you, damn I even let you in my daughters life, you told your mom about me, it felt sorta right. it felt sorta right, it felt sorta like... somin crazy would, I ain't know this could get deeper than urchins could, look I let it in, if you want it to, but just so you know, I didn't want it to, I really loved you babe, I woulda done it all, loose my number too, don't ever f_ckin call, I can pick up my dog one weekend, and ain't no f_ckin way in hell we can be friends.

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