Jungle Fever - Angel Haze feat Kool A.D

[Verse 1: Kool A.D]
Yeah, anything every pretty penny
Bring another pretty penny
But a penny's still a penny
Swing low, sweet anything
Sweet everything, never a feathered friend
Meaning that I never sing
Dumb shiny radiator, shiny radiator
Haters is alligators
Meaning that I'll see them later
If my feet fail me to Margelan tell me
Tell a jailer man that he better never jail me
Busters on their brag game but they still beat
Me, I'm getting dirty money like I was Israeli
Slave name, Vasquez
Rap name, A.D
Kool in front of that
Somebody pay me
I do dumb raps, dumb shiny daily
Five hour energy
High power Hennessy
Anything you want to be you ought to be
Except a cop cause a cop is wack though
When I was a kid I had a cat named Jacko
When I was a kid I cuffed a dog from a crack ho though
Ten bucks, used to call it Coco
But you know though
Like Wayne Carter
New Wayne shorter
Shorter than a baller
No Oscar no soccer
But I kick game on the motherf_cking lighters forever
Yeah whatever (shut up)
Pale Spanish, slept on like a stale jail sandwich
Frail amateurs need to read Braille to understand half the passages
Middle ones, little fun, riddles for giggly idiots
Really it's just for the kids, nothing more than this
No Roxy Music, twelve apostles, twenty four nostrils
Twenty four laces, shoes at the precinct, new black hostel
Raps written on smart phones
Messages, the medium
Drop-tops, you see me in
Plebeian, but still use a word like plebeian
SATCs and against all collegiates
Scooping on easy tens
Super with greazy friends
Eazy E got murdered by counter-intelligence weasels
Them schools don't teach us sh_t
What we need is freedom
Trying to get all that I can get
You know that one? (You remember?)
Trying to get all that I can get (remember?)
See?, dumb shiny, come find me
None I see run quite like me
Dumb questions, run one by me
Son, I stun like stunts, don't try me

[Hook: Kool A.D]
We got jungle fever
You all got jungle fever
We all got jungle fever
We're in love
We got jungle fever
You all got jungle fever
We all got jungle fever
We're in love

[Verse 2: Angel Haze]
Super-sonic hedgehog
Prepare to jump, ledge off
Featherweight, bed soft
And I'll guillotine to your head's off
I'm in a never ending ark fight
Sh_t, I was probably God in my first life
When I created heaven, Satan and hell
And I'm seashore, seashore, seashell
I've got a bunch of friends and they're imaginary
When I'm alone in my insanitary
Mind frame, yeah, make sh_t up
And I'm Hitler cause I was great to f_ck
This one guy thought I was a lesbian
Lesbatron? Thespian?
He was like a professional pedestrian
He was like 'ride d_ck' um guess again
Anyway I don't believe that death is alive
I think we've got it all wrong maybe hell's in the sky
Maybe I'm brainwashed, maybe jedi inclined
Maybe this world isn't real
Just a set I designed, my, mind
Asian eyes, laces tied, chasing lies
Zoom, zoom, zoom, zero
Faces surprised, head-on straight, facing my thighs
Internet, inter-death
Brain cells, disconnect
My papa was a rolling rock
Headstone, since their death
Darwin was the second coming
Sh_t, f_ck plumbing
Give me freedom or nothing
Zum, zum, zum, zum, bi-de-di-dum-dum
Irrelevance is elegance
Intelligence, what's fun?
I'm letters, letters and one guns
For tackling vernacular, Excedrin tum-tums
I hate it when people wear toms
I like rough sex and I never had none
I knew one chick
Such a dumb b_tch
In about a year
I'll be dumb rich
No, I run sh_t
I ride, I sun sh_t

[Hook: Angel Haze]
We got jungle fever
You all got jungle fever
We all got jungle fever
We're in love
We got jungle fever
You all got jungle fever
We all got jungle fever
We're in love

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