Love Sick Ave - Angel Haze

In regards to our chemistry and sexual energy
And the fact that you say your wife is how you envision me
I'm afraid that were on different levels mentally
I only see a future in the greatness that I'm fittin' to be
The title's great but I just overlook that
If I don't like the cover then I just put the book back
It seems shallow but I ain't ever claim deep
Love's a dead end an we ain't on the same street
But in my mind it's like we're walking with the same feet
And when were eye to eye then our rhythm play the same beat
A couple years then maybe we'd have the same dream
But until then baby we don't want the same thing
See I was frontin' like it was all fine
But in the back of my mind I'm like dude, you really f_cked up this time
And you know I tried calling
and you know hittin' you up
You didn't respond to me
Love, uh
I tried writing, calling, texting, AIM
All those things different the response was the same
Want to rewrite our story and make it fix sh_t
So me saying I'm over you isn't so contradicting
I wanted to love you in every single way that I could dream of
We were what the people in our dreams probably dreamed of
But yet you let me go and failed to let me know
I know I acted up but you ain't even play it though
Quit the stepped in you ain't even play it close
And when we die forever and til the day before
I know I get ignorant, ruthless, belligerent
But we can't f_ck up home this is how we can't live in it
We got to get it fixed
We got to live this sh_t
Patience is a tool with which we should come equipped
Stepping stone, before we kick it to the curb
You were everything I ever want but nothing I deserve
And so my words continuously fall on deaf ears
And it s_cks ya know, it's like the worst feeling you could ever imagine
Next to the second worst feeling you could ever imagine
It s_cks dude
And this beginnings an attempt for me to write with my soul
And that translates into an attempt for me to right the things I've wronged
And hopefully gain light that leads me right where I belong
It's not that hard to take my breath and breathe that life into a song
Do you get it, physicalities or gimmicks
You can't deter a pair that's so emotionally driven
Artistically to limits, no we had powered out
The only time we used our minds was when we would decide an outcome
And everything was felt
Can you imagine it, how beautiful
Unaware what that mutuality could do to you
I wonder if it's a pain to see the beauty nearby
That's where you find more strength where your deepest fears lie
I was deep as tears cry but
I remained
How you gonna find love if you don't where it came from
You taught me how to create it and
What we created, shall remain nameless and felt for generations
And so the story goes
Love Sick Ave
Yeah sometimes love's a burden
And then other times love's f_ckin awesome
But most of the time, it ends
And we're right back where we began
Love Sick Avenue

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