Make It Raee'n - Angel Haze


Aye, look

This is for them girls that like them other girls back
I just want the head ho; yeah, like where yo' curls at?
I'm confident as f_ck, don't explain myself to anyone
Got a sweet tooth and I'm lookin' at yo' Cinnabon
Okay, let's get this sh_t started, hold up, let me pause that
You say we can f_ck but you ain't gay; well okay, what you call that?
Ain't gotta worry; bout your man ho, this one time and ain't no callback
'90s Nickelodeon; told that b_tch I'm All That
You ain't too bad either baby, lookin' like a centerfold
Now she on my tip, she on my clit, she on my genitals
Lookin' for that bread doe, Red Lobster dinner roll
Made her cum, maximum; head game, pinnacle
Showed her ass a method to makin' that p_ssy cum quick
I ran my tongue across it like get hit by a drumstick
Okay, that's enough; I'm a beast and your in a wild zone
Did it once, now she hung up on it like a dial tone
I be on some other sh_t, I'm just givin' y'all a peek
You could catch me at the club lookin' for a Super Freak

I'm a make it raee'n, b_tch
Not money or no change, b_tch
Pipe broke, plumber called; I'm a be your Dranex
So tell me how you want it bae, tell me all you want is Haze
Give this face, then get erased, then get yo' ass up out my place

And this is not a joke, I don; t play no f_ckin' games
Guaranteed next day I won't remember your f_ckin' name
I ain't even finished yet
Yup, I saved the best for last
Like my snakes visible, guess that means that yo' ass is glass
Cut, uh

Go on make it raee'n, aye
Make it rain, b_tch; I'm a make it raee'n, aye
Go on shake that, g-g-go on shake that ass, hey
Go on shake that, g-g-g-go on shake that
Aye, aye
Haze, Haze

Look, look
This is for them girls that like them other girls back
I'll cum for anybody
Make it raee'n, b_tch
Make it raee'n, b_tch
And that's R-A-E-E apostrophe N
Raee'n Rose, b_tch
Haze, let's go

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