Say Whats Real - Angel Haze

I have to let my ego go
My profit coming heavy as it grows and I'm almost near the point where I'm about to lose control
And If he never burdens us with more then we can hold then why do I implode like a f_cking over load?
I got fire on my head like MJ with a pepsi drink and a lot of sh_t inside me like a septic tank
It's funny n_ggas wanna spin around and flip sh_t like I never been sh_t but a f_cked up misfit
And while there's truth to those accusations
I'm still sick with no motherf_cking vaccination
I'm still the sh_t like they pressed pause on me
And technically I foul til' the ref calls on me
N_gga I could have been signed... I been a buzz
But I was scared to show the world who I really was
And label heads they ignore those who give their all cause they're busy seeing what stick when it's to the wall
It ain't about the f_cking craft and perfection
Ask Ryan Leslie I was f_cking that selection
But I was busy being stubborn as a bastard,
With the mind of a crafter and a father that was Casper
So I got a lot of sh_t I won't admit
And a whole bunch more that I won't forget
These f_cking faggots wanna trap me in my baggage
And treat me like I'm manic cause I'm more then they can manage
B_tch but I'm a be me til' I f_cking croak
And I won't let you take me as a f_cking Joke
So don't compare me to any b_tches that's out here
Cause be honest I am who they not near
B_tch I'm higher then the f_cking feeling
Higher then a building that was built on heaven's ceiling
I can't believe I chose this bullsh_t over books
I'm like a midget in a crowd being overlooked
And n_ggas still f_cking fail to acknowledge me
Sleeping on me then later offering apologies
I'm sorry Raee'n you speak the truth with every f_cking word
Shut up b_tch tell me something that I haven't heard
Don't deny you play your favorite rapper then play me
After you would swear I flow like the middle of a f_cking rapture
My mind set is kill em' all or be destroyed
I'm out here trying to be balling bigger then keloid
Yeah I gotta eat, f_ck whoever starving
It's survival of the fittest word to that n_gga Darwin
Pause I'm done letting n_ggas play me
And dying of laughter is the only way that they slay me
Cause I've been standing here naked hoping y'all see
I'm trying to take your eyes and make em' focus on me
My mom told me Raee'n You'll only be a star when you become comfortable with who you really are
And Since I did n_ggas been trying to manipulate me,
Break me and shape me to every image that they see
But I don't listen to a word from you f_cking beginners
B_tch I'm flyer then the south for a couple of winters
How dare you n_ggas try to call me influential
In the same f_cking sentence say it's all coincidental
She dresses like a dyke but she bodies instrumentals
I think she's f_cking faking it, it's all so incidental
N_gga I had to kill myself 3 times
And let the neigh sayers brain cell my free mind
To hold it all in I ain't got the room to
So I don't entertain the bullsh_t that I'm immune to
F_ck you all b_tch fags you can die slow
Let me be great it's the only thing I know
I learned young not to trust sh_t
So I'm sorry to the world if I'm not enough b_tch
F_ck it all I have is my word and my pride
So I exhale and let all my burdens subside
And to my haters ya'll b_tches stay tune I'm a give you all a million reasons to hate you
And still I did it all on my f_cking own
Now I'm about to change the chair into a f_cking throne
And I dare anybody to stop me
I'm putting b_tches in the dirt like sock cleats
I'm done

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