Werkin' Girls - Angel Haze

[Verse 1:]
Okay I'm Rambo I ramshack
I'm next to that cheese like rat traps
On top of that green like grass ass
That's over y'all head like snapbacks
I get it where I fit in, put up then I put in
Tryna find an ass I can put my f_cking foot in
Run this sh_t no I run this sh_t
Don't give one f_ck b_tch I done this sh_t
I did what I say I did
Did not fabricate one bit
I have been the f_cking realest since my exit near the clit
That's where I was born f_ck what you on
All about me b_tch f_ck what you doin'
Round of applause b_tches slap me with some clappin
Show my whole f_cking ass like a fat b_tch in chaps
But I'll be running that sh_t like a motherf_ckin' tracker
Like a run-on sense like a motherf_ckin' chopper
Like a cheetah in the jungle but I'm motherf_cking faster
Like a pre-teen boy in the church with a pastor
Hold up I'm not serious I'm just playin - psych!
F_ck your opinion b_tch I mean it when I'm sayin that

Money and more money is the only sh_t I'm after
You can cut the fake sh_t
I'm not a motherf_ckin' actor
I'm on top of my green like a motherf_cking tractor
You n_ggas you 'bout to be b_tches you b_tches 'bout to be Casper

[Verse 2:]
I'll be on that other sh_t got that from my other b_tch
She come from an island or a desert or some tundra sh_t
I am multi-faceted, b_tch I do a ton of sh_t
Like I'm diarrhea or whatever's sitting under it
I'm nasty, I'm insane, I'm too much, I spit grains
I came from the f_ckin' bottom
I'm top now, I sh_t flames
I kick sh_t, like dope sh_t
Like no sh_t, like oh sh_t
Get in my way I f_ck up everything
Like ho sh_t
See, they said that I wouldn't
I do whatever they said I couldn't
I'm not the one to be f_cked with
Or to be tough with
I be on your head like duck, duck, duck b_tch
I be in the air like pump-pumped up fists
Nah, I'm like up-chuck like gut fish like hands up my skirt
Like when you gon' let me f_ck b_tch


[Vers 3:]
I'm an undefeated bastard
My tongue is the f_cking rapture, b_tch
I be at my peak, I am not the one to be mastered
I'm the one to be after, I'm sweeping you while I'm dusting
I just popped up out the blue, I'm spontaneously combusting
Spit a little different, give me just a minute
Beat the beat down b_tch, fresh it then I kill it
We are not the same but they don't really get it
Tell 'em do the math, hoe-fraction, division
Sick flow sick ho, drop me in the clinic
Eat 'em 'til the end 'til they back at the beginning
Cause I ki-ki-ki-kill it 'til it's flat dead
And never pass a rock like a motherf_cking crackhead


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