Mouth Wooed Her - Animal Collective

Good day outside
Tribe of life and mine and yours
You're so good and natural
Arms appeal
Cause your so close
Close to I
And eyeing my face
So I can take you out at breakfast time
Yes you're nice
All so violent
All so sure
I figured it out
I think I've figured it out
We be patient
Time for a nap
And now
If I could just fix the clock I'd take you out
At breakfast time
I don't want no one of
I don't want none agua
I don't want one of the
I don't want none of those
I don't want no one no
I don't want more of them
I don't want no one of the
I don't want no agua

I've been thinking
Better (not) think
Better chance, better rosary
Words are green,
And words are weed
We get dressed,
Now lets all go out, oh lets
The dye in my face is hot
And all the kids
At breakfast time
better drink it all
if i let ya have it
I need mouth water
I need mouth water

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