Roots And Wings - Anne Murray

Flying down the street on my american ace
I was fast on my feet or flat on my face,
Testing my freedom from that day on
Runnin' down the wind all the way back home
That bike you gave me was one of my favorite things
That day i discovered you'd given me roots and wings

Roots and wings... gifts of love...
Holding me strong... and lifting me up
Child of the earth and a rider of the wind
A dreamer of dreams caught in between
Roots and wings

You weren't standing in my way when i was 18
Letting your heart break and letting me leave
I was headin' my chevy for the great unknown
Knowing you'd be waiting at the end of that road
Sometimes you've doubted the wisdom of my foolish dreams
You never once denied me my roots and wings


Now part of me wants to stay close to the ground
And part of me wants to never come down


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