Betrayed - Antestor

I am in pain
I am... the cursed one

Life is not what it was meant to be
What I didn't ask for has now turned my way
Somewhere in a garden it all turned wrong
Things I once believed in have now turned evil

Yet I pray, "Deliver me from evil"
But another spell pulled me away

Will suicide break the ring of curse
Tomorrow I'll be gone, so don't look for me

I am lying on my death-bed, with chaos in my mind
My life took more than it gave
Betrayed and deceived I will now pass away
And with the gun in my hand, my questions
Are soon to be answered

Will suicide break the ring of cure...

Satan and god, the thought passes my mind
Heaven and hell, it's not up to me
If the Christians that I've seen
Represent the true God of heaven
Then it's not a place that I want to be
But if I'm blinded, please open my eyes
And help my now...

Will suicide break the ring of cure
Tomorrow I'll be gone, then you'll be all alone

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