Old Times Cruelty - Antestor

Enter the halls of distant memory
Feel your previous actions once again
Your lies and deceit
Your hate and long lost love
Walk through the hallway of you past
Sense the evil like a whip from beyond
The doors keep on forever
Possibility is endless

Wander through one of the bronzecovered doors
And feel the weaves of old times cruelty
Run from the darkness, the endless void
And get yourself cornered by the demons of fear

Running and screaming through these ancient halls
The presence of something unseen carries on

Of old time cruelty
the past haunts you
of old times cruelty
...save me...

The regrets of all actions that you've done before
has now turned it's way back to you

The demons from the past haunts your soul
Walk through the hallway of your past
sense the evil, like a whip from beyond
the doors keep on forever
possibility is endless

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