Rocket Take Your Turn - Arab Strap

Have a look in the fridge and see what he's got. Get in the bath and I'll tell you the lot. We're grown men, we should be respectable. But to f_ck with that, lets make a spectacle. Keep climbing, you'll see everything. Twice round the block, it's ok say anything. We hide in toilets, we hide in a corner. But it's not over yet, so someone please warn her. I could try anything when I feel like this. With part-time friends that I could never miss. Spill the gossip, you know it's always topical. From where we sit tonight the city's tropical. Works begun, the taxi's late. I should feel like a hippy but all I feel is hate. Let them say what they want, they could never make it stick. 'Cause everyone takes a turn at being a d_ck.

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