Yesterday is Dead and Gone - Arch Enemy

The fire's inside us tonight
These bridges will burn so bright
Tomorrow bears our name
No more power games

[Harmony Lead - Michael & Christopher]

Reaching for the light beyond
We will rise through the dark again
Ready to fight for what we believe to be right
Yesterday is dead and gone

Rattling the chains - shaking the cage
Heed our war cry
Let there be no doubt - we want out
This is reckoning day

[Chorus (melody - Michael):]
We are standing in the flames
Reaching for the sky
Fight to the end
Yesterday is dead and gone

Under a blood red sky
Our voice will be heard in a world

Where compassion is lost
You try to control us
This is so absurd
Freedom will be won at any cost



[Lead - Christopher]

Yesterday is dead and gone

[Lead - Michael]


[Outro lead - Christopher]

This is reckoning time
Yesterday is dead and gone

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