Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts - Arctic Monkeys

theres always somebody taller with more of a whip
and he is quick to infraul her
and her friends think hes fit and you just cant
measure up though
you dont have a prayer
wishind that youd made the most of her when she
was there

they've got engadged, theres no intention of a
wedding, he's pinched your bird and he'd probly
kick your head in
bigger boys and stolen sweethearts,
oh your better of without her anyway,
you said you wasnt to see her go yeah but i know
you were though.

now you dont know what shes up to you can only
assume, if shes infront of the shop then she must
have gone to his room
but shes gone round in her school stuff, but thats
what he likes
i know you thought she were different and you thought
she were nice, but shes not nice shes pritty f_cking
far from that, shes looking at you funny rarely
looking at you twice.


have you heard wat shes been doing,never did it
for me, he picks her up at 20 past 3
shes been with all of the but never went very far
and she wagged english and science just to go in
his car
theyve got engadged theres no intention of a
wedding, hes pinched me bird and hed probly kick
me head in
oh now the girls have grown
yeah but am sure they still carry on in similar ways

bigger boys and stolen sweethearts

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