Don't Waste Your Time - Aretha Franklin feat Mary J. Blige

(Vs.1) Mary:
Lately I've got this funny feelin'
Somethin' don't feel the same
But he's tellin' me I'm the one to blame
Yes I know that he still gives me good lovin'
But when he's deep inside
There's somebody else on his mind

A: Don't waste your time
M: But it gets so hard to know
A: Just walk away
M: You say that I gotta let go
A: Seen it a million times before
A: You shouldn't take his stuff no more

M: Can't waste my time
A: Girl, it's not hard to know
M: Should walk away
A: Yeah, you've gotta let him go
M: Seen it a million times before
M: Shouldn't take his s*** no more

(Vs.2) Aretha:
Sister girl, sister girl
It's much deeper than what you're thinkin'
When somethin' don't feel the same
You better belive his love has changed
(M: Yeah, I been tellin' you)
A: And what your're tellin' me
(M: 'Cause it's been hurtin' me)
He's got a sweetie on the side
Stark naked truth and I never lie


What's the point of love when you've got no trust?
What's the point of stayin' when you've seen enough?
What's the point of givin what he don't deserve?
M: He don't deserve it No, he don't deserve it!

What's the point of feelin' like there's nothin inside?
What's the point of sayin' that you still got your pride?
What's the point of givin what he don't deserve?

(Repeat chorus with ad lib)

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