I'll Keep on Smiling - Aretha Franklin

I'm gonna smile and take it baby
Until I get tired of you
When I've had enough of this business
You'll be the first one to know we're through

I'm turning over a brand new leaf
Now you're gonna see a smile on my face
Get let it to get into something
And you're not even in the race

I'll keep on smiling
Cause what good does it do
To try to explain to an unconcerned lover
That he's mistreating you

You think it's great to have whole lot of chicks
So show me the one that can teach an old dog new tricks
I, I'll keep right on smiling

I'll keep on smiling
Although you hurt my pride
Cause I wanna be the first one to see you
When all of those chicks cause you sad, yeah
Now, they say a man just ain't supposed to cry
But I'm gonna want to show the world that cries out some lie
I, and just for now
I'm gonna keep on smiling, yeah
You know you hurt me, but I'm gonna keep on smiling
You've done me real heartache, but I'm gonna keep on smiling
Yeah, I'm gonna keep on smiling
Looking straight ahead and smiling

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