I'm Your Speed - Aretha Franklin

Like those cure summer evenings
When we strolled by the sea, remember that baby
Bits and pieces of my daydream
They became reality, yes they did

And I'd knew, I knew, I knew, ooh, I knew, ooh, I knew it would be like this
With that first kiss, oh baby
Ooh, I wanna tell you that it was shaking in the world
Oh, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey
It was, honey, in my teeth
Yes it was, hey boy, hey boy
It's just my personal point of view
Ooh, ooh, I think, I think that we're lucky
I got to take just me and you
Ooh, boy, you've got to know now, you've got to know now, yeah
To share, to share the same place and space, yeah baby, yeah baby
We could help pass each others by
Without a clue, without a trace

So don't you fret
Ooh, ooh baby, don't you fret
Don't you do it, don't you do it, ooh
This time now we're saved, yeah, yeah, yeah, to all

And if you ever, if you ever, ever, ever, ever, ooh
If you ever feel need, sugar, sugar
I'm your speed, I've got to tell, yeah
You've got to know, ooh boy
I've got to tell, hey, hey
You've got to know now, I'm your speed
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm your speed

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