Living My Life - Ashanti

I'm so happy
that I'm living my life
never knew what i went through
But just hoped that it would turn out right

I'm remembering the days that I was holding my head down
When people came around I always pretended to smile
But I knew, deep in my heart tThat I was slowly falling apart
Some days, all i wanted was to hold my Mother's hand
And hear her say 'Baby, you're gonna make it' over and over again so I

And I've been living my life for quite some time
(livin' my life)
And I'm so glad I made it this far
(oh oh)
And nothing gonna bring me back down
And nothing gonna turn me around

Don't want nobody to think that it was easy for me
It took a while just to get down
Too many people just didn't believe

I'm remembering the sacrafices that I had to make
I would cry myself to sleep and say that it would be OK
But i knew that if I prayed
That I would be on my way someday
But somedays all I wanted was to hear my Father say
He would say 'Baby.. You're gonna make it and I don't care what people say'


Oh i want the world to see
Every thing that's happened to me
I went from going out my mind
To Always on time
And i'm no longer a fool
Since my days are cold without you
And I'm so happy baby baby babe
Said I'm so happy.... baby baby babe


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