My Feelin' - Ashanti feat Nymo

Ashanti: Oh Oh

Irv: we're introducing new people in the inc.
Ha ha
And now we got NYMO
And ashanti yeahh.

Ashanti: oh baby you know
I got the keys of your heart
You're my life
You're the one only with you i can live
But i wanna tell you something more
About my feelings.

Nymo: baby you are the one
I wanna live with you
All my life
Come and let me love you
You got my heart
Baby i told you you are the life
My feelings want you in my house.

Chorus Both: baby come with me
I wnat you in my dreams
You want me and me too
You are the one
In my feelings
It wants you

Ashanti: when i'm with you
I don't know what you do
Because all my feelings
Shiver next to you
You are my life and i do

Chorus 2X

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