No Where - Ashanti

[Verse 1:]
Don't matter how much we fighting
Don't matter how much I cry and
It don't matter how much we try to leave each other alone
It won't last for long cause we got something they want
I'm sick when you're gone, waiting up 'til you get home

And I ain't gonna sleep 'til I see your face
Even though I'm mad I'mma fix your place
Ain't no other man that can take your place
Believe me

I ain't going nowhere, you ain't gotta worry
Ain't nobody perfect, but what we got is worth it

[Verse 2:]
It don't matter if we hit had times
Cause I got your back and you got mine
And when the break comes I'mma be the main one
Holding you down through the storm
It won't last for long
I tell you I'mma leave, but I don't
I'm sick when you're gone and I be waiting up 'til you're getting home


[Verse 3:]
I swear if you keep loving me like you loving me I'll keep loving you
Can't nobody do the thing you do
And even if we don't get along for a minute
Can't nobody else come and break this commitment
We ain't perfect, we worth it so I


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