We'll Be Ok - Asking Alexandria

Your voice is calling my name...
Again and again!

The web you wove around me was only the beginning
And every star I counted, as cold as your embrace
I've listened, I've counted
Every word you choked on
The secret, the answer
I'm just a slave to all your sins
If I've been so stupid
So blind, so void, so empty
I hope you forgive me
I'm just an echo in your head
You made my life a f_cking misery
Remember when you tied me down
Yeah, I sank in the uncertainty
I prayed for you to blindfold me
I'm just so scared of what I'll see

Your voice is calling my name
My soul is caught up in flames
I feel I'm losing control
I'm here, I'm yours to atone
Again and again!

F_ck, oh no, god
Mesmerized by your motion
But my memories of you
Forever standing still


I'll spill the ink on the empty page
I feel this forever taking over me
Help me, cause I can't live this way
Tell me why the memories won't fade away

But we'll be okay
We'll be just fine
I never took the time to say sorry
But all I ever needed was you

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