Fashion Magazine - Atmosphere

Chorus: Lady of darkness, Night of my midnight.

She flips through the pages of her fashion magazine.
It pulls her out of her reality for a moment, we all need our moments.
She forgets for a couple of seconds about the hopeless situation as the plane seems to take all of her focus.
Riding that afternoon drive from Dallas back to Minneapolis. Two and a half hours, she's out there.
Reading some column about Spit versus Swallow.
Everything reminds her of him, and it's not fair.
How could she fall on her face for some man-child?
Maybe it's his voice, or maybe it's his damn smile.
Maybe it's the whole package, from the kiss to the mattress,
to the sarcastic jokes, to the social status.
Maybe it's none of the above. Maybe she only needed somebody genuine to show her love.
It was all about the right place at the right time.
And even with the drama they find that he's still always on her mind.
Well, nonetheless than two hours before she lands
to put her feet on the ground and take her man by the hand.
And this time around when the laugh starts to sting,
she'll just take a breathe and dig into that fashion magazine.

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