Hair - Atmosphere

And she still wonders why I'm so insecure she giggles
because I sleep with the...
Girl* can I throw panties on stage, like can I be a f_cking groupie
and just f_ck you because you're on stage
and other girls want to f_ck you?
Slug* See bands like us don't get groupies
Girl* Noooo?
Slug* yeah
Girl* you guys are full of sh_t
Slug* No it's not full of sh_t I mean have you guys ever heard our songs
I mean basically?
Girl* That's what I'm saying
Slug* Exactly that's what I'm saying
Smile, smile with me, smile with me, smile with me, please won't you...
oh look at her she's looking as good as dinner
and she's looking back at me as if maybe I'm a winner
I'm in my late twenties little girl don't flirt with me
I've got the capapbilities to program your circutry
You don't have to believe me do yourself a little justice
don't let slug undercook your muffins
wait wait wait did I just say that I did must be losing it
because it almost felt like it might just have some truth in it
now back to the platter at hand she said she's twenty-one
and quit school to go work for the man
a switch up in the plan now she's happy as a chorus
cause now she makes rent and now she drives a Taurus
unwinding hanging out at the bar,
I wonder if she knows that I'm not really a star
she seems to be impressed by lack of an ego and my self-aware style,
I like the way that she smiles
she want to know how I find the words
I do I don't really know but I can lie if you want me to
angels sing to me in my sleep,
I sold my damaged soul for the magic of speech
and now she's laughing she likes the sarcasm
so naturally I'm asking if she 's got a captain
she says a captain what?
You mean a man at home the answer is no I came to this bar alone
well heavens to betty enough about boyfriends already
just trying to keep the conversation petty
beacuse as much as I would like to play in the forest
ain't no way this girl is going to break into my fortress
I've never made a practice of introducing the matress
to women that I meet at my own gig
I don't know can't imagine anything as alchohol and hormones
turning out to be anything big
but babys hella beautiful and even kind of bright
I got the fire of a vampire inside me tonight
might be alright eveything seems tight
I've got a good buzz and she's giving me the green light
so tell me girl what ya doing after
she says hopefully hanging out with my new favorite rapper
now wait a minute that's not fair your throwing boulders
I can tell by the way your hair touches your shoulders
be straight with me and I'll be me with you
I can think of some of us that we should do so if you think
I'm coming home with you tonight you're probably right
you're pobably right a few more beers a couple more laughs
undressing my past with the questions she asks
yes, I love cats and I would love to take a bath
if I spent the night would you massage my back
she's closing in for the embrace
and slightly tucks her hand under my face
her hair smells so good I got to have a taste
where's your ford let's ditch this place
and in the parking lot she sparked it off
she must be starving for someone to hit the harp
I've never been kissed with such passionate bliss
porn star damn near tore my lips apart
honey slow it up hold it up start the car
let's leave this garage le'ts go to your apartment
lyndale ave. on the way to the her rest
her drunk ass turn to look at me and she says
you're so beautiful from the hair to the soles
I know, can't belive that I never met you before
feels liike I've been waiting for you me whole life
she missed the red light we hit a pick-up truck and we both DIED

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