Follow Me - Atomic Kitten

Some people put in overtime
Some people suffer once in their life
Some people would surrender their last time for a lovin' affair
Don't matter if you close them tight
Don't matter if you're sharp and wide eeyed
Don't matter if the stars are shining bright, 'cause it'll be all right

* So if you feel like you're going nowhere (going nowhere)
I'm gonna show you the things that we could share

** Whenever you're thinking that loves unkind, follow me
We'll go walking in paradise (follow me, follow me, baby)
Whenever you're looking for piece of mind, baby
We can make it happen, just close your eyes and I'll be there

It could have been the way you smiled
It could have been the things you said last night
It could have been the secrets in your eyes that put the love in the air
So anytime you're all alone (all alone)
And anytime you feel you can't go on
Anytime you need a helping hand, I've got something for you

[Repeat * , **]

(I will be there) if you're hurting inside
(I will be there) if you're reading my mind
(Then you will find) I'm the reason you have to believe
Just understand, you gotta hold out your hand

[Repeat ** , **] ... till fade

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