Horsepig - Attila

Nobody can bring me down

I've been waiting for this moment my ambitions turned into an opportunity to prove you wrong
So when you're contemplating in your mind another way to hold me back you know that won't get you far
I've worked too damn hard I've come too damn far way past the point of no return
I'll never take your sh_t, you can talk more sh_t stick it right up in your ass and JUMP

We are the kids with unstoppable minds
You can't f_ck with the best of best

If you hear me right now do whatever the f_ck you want
Living in the moment, never question yourself
And if you're subject to conformity you're living in hell
Make your own f_cking choices even if they say no
And if a b_tch tying you down then you should let that sh_t go
Yeah, even if you hate me you should let it be known
That I'm a free motherf_cker you can never impose
I do whatever I want, I get whatever I need
And if you got a f_ckin' problem you can swallow my seed

Ambition Abolition

You will not stop me. Or break me. Not even in your wildest dreams.

Everybody put your hands up open up your ears and listen

When does it matter when everything is just chatter
I hear them talking with their mouth shut as if it really matters but when you think about it jealousy and overreacting I'm just livin' inside a moment you just sh_t talk and scatter (so just get on your feet and f_ckin' jump)

The only one who can bring you down is yourself.
You're your own worst enemy.

The secrets out so let it be known, rely on no one but yourself and do this sh_t on your own


But you're still trapped inside your mind, time to escape time to escape

No one holds you back you've only got yourself to blame and when you take over the world you better remember my name
This is your ticket to a greater worth and nothing is the same if you just believe in yourself you put your enemies to shame

You've got to make them regret every f_cking thing they said every f_cking thing they said

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