Pizza, Sex and Trolls - Attila

Turn this sh_t up loud and bang your head don't be a f_cking b_tch

Yeah.. it's 2014 and everyone around you is a critic and a life judge
You want to be accepted and have tons of fake friends and win a gold medal because you are f_cking awesome
You talk sh_t on the internet because you're a bad-ass and nobody can touch you
You wanna break the rules and eat pizza skip school, f_ck yeah that's the goddamn truth

Here's a f_cking solo for all you dumb elitist cunts this sh_t is bad-ass as f_ck and you'll probably try to play it and fail
But that's okay because you're f_cking awesome
You live in a basement and talk sh_t on our YouTube
Yeah life is motherf_cking awesome, thank you for buying this CD I want to kiss your f_cking lips, put money in your tits and watch you dance with pure joy because this is the best song you've ever heard

Holy sh_t, you guys should go back to your old sound
Your new sh_t f_cking s_cks I liked you guys before you got big
Your band ruined f_cking metal core and your lyrics are gay
I hate you so much but I still pay attention to every word you say

10 years later and we're still a f_cking band, if you've ever been a hater I'm your number one fan

Think about the sh_t that's always coming out your dirty mouth
Five wild motherf_ckers straight up out the dirty south
Talk is cheap as f_ck and everybody knows your words are sh_t
We will never give a f_ck so what
Take it to the basics and erase the fact we made it
We're just partying and traveling and you're a f_cking hater
Welcome to the party f_ck b_tches see you later

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