Rageaholics - Attila

Yeah we're just rebels without a cause
Coming straight from the capital of the south
Hotheaded and we can't deny a new adventure
Join or die because this sh_ts about to get reckless
Take a look around welcome to my f_cking city
Me and all my f_cking goons we party hard stay sh_tty
Poppin bottles rolling blunts we never give a motherf_ck
A-T-L-A-N-T-A this cities dope and rad as f_ck b_tch
were all just rageaholics

hey, were party addicts, rageaholics, diabolical badass
don't get it twisted just addicted to this lifestyle
(don't get it twisted let me hear you scream)

hey, f_ck yeah official welcome to the rageaholics
start the party

take in a little at a time and you'll do just fine
if you can take it to another level on another night
we get trippy like some kinda delusion just understand that were the sh_t

nobody gives a f_ck
nobody gives a f_ck
nobody gives a f_ck
rageaholics unite
D-G-A-F f_ck you

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