Hard Knocks - August Alsina

Welcome to AAU, look to your left, look to your right
Look behind you, look in front of you, man something you n_ggas ain't gon' need
Why don't you know I'm from New Orleans n_gga?
You already know I'm coming out busting, 8 shots on us n_gga

Who that? We that
I'm the man up in this b_tch, believe that
Where the drink at? Where the weed at?
Where your hoe at? She in the back where we at
Hold up, boy the react, you know that I stay strapped
Miami on my way, that's where the heat at
Did you miss that? Allow me to explain homie
If you tryna bang a n_gga, I always keep them thangs on me

Outchea it's, I represent the
I used to sell at, now I be working
I came up in that, took a couple
Cause all we knew is, I made it through the
I grew up with them, graduated from
Looking back on 'em, appreciating them
Lost a few to them, no confusing them
Still we needing them, made me who I am

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