NOLA - August Alsina

West bank, down town, up town
Back in town, king of the city
New Orleans we in this b_tch, you heard me man

You don't know about where I'm from
N O, in the air, gun smoke
Down town where my people
Know some n_ggas that kill for
Since night hard on the boulevard
Bodyguards need bodyguards
In my city, it's too hard
Everyday around here ain't Mardi Gras
When you got your visa, you might get your chain snatched
Just might get you kidnapped
Don't act tough, don't get clapped
That don't mean applaud, that mean life gonna be on hard
When them choppers start to spitting
Best believe they won't be missing
Out here n_ggas hustle, out here n_ggas grind
Out here n_ggas muscle, just so they can shine
I ain't gonna lie dude, in this here Bayou
For that bank roll, n_ggas gonna trap you.

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