Fly to You - Avalon

Yeah, yeah
I wanna fly, I wanna fly
Oh yeah

Tell me, someone, tell me,
what is this love about
Help me, someone, help me
figure these feelings out
Stirange, the way You love me,
I am part of a mystery
My heart is miles above me,
like Your love is setting me free

If I had wings I'd fly, if I could find a way
Give me the faith, I'll try, no, no matter what it takes
I long to be by Your side, show you my heart is true
If I had wings, oh, I know I would fly to You

Tell me, won't you tell me,
what is it gonna take
Help me, can't you help me,
take my heart for heaven's sake
I see the way you do me
in spite of the things I've done
My heart is saying to me,
look at what Your love has begun


I won't give up on what I believe
When I could not reach heaven,
heaven came to me
yeah, yeah, yeah
You know I'm gonna find a way
(I wanna fly, I wanna fly)
Fly to You
How I long to be right beside You
Give me half a chance and I'll try to
If I could, you know that I would, I would fly to You

(Chorus 2x)

If I had wings oh I know I would fly to you

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